Losing the Sales Attachment and the Art of Letting Go!

Join Bernadette McClelland in this episode of The Path Less Taken as she dives into the need to lose the attachment to the sale so the pipeline flows more freely.

Sound counterintuitive? It might, and it also works!

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Bernadette McClelland


Losing the Sales Attachment and the Art of Letting Go!

Here’s the Transcription in Bullet Points Format:

  • Introduction to Sales Detachment

    • Discussing the art of letting go within an outcome-based world
    • Contrasting the need for outcomes with the practice of detachment
  • The Challenge of Expectations

    • The inherent expectations tied to desired outcomes in sales
    • The importance of discerning realistic expectations
  • Pipeline Management

    • Letting go of bloated opportunities in the sales pipeline
    • Emphasizing the need for honesty in evaluating pipeline potential
  • The Art of Qualification

    • Encouraging bravery in salespeople to qualify their leads accurately
    • Making the necessary calls to verify the potential of opportunities
  • Broadening the Context

    • Comparison of sales outcomes to parental expectations of children
    • Transitioning from parental control to adult-to-adult relationships
  • Emotional Impact of Unmet Expectations

    • The stress of unreturned prospecting calls or messages
    • The psychological drama from the delay in expected responses
  • Outcome Expectations with People

    • Detachment from expectations of team members and leadership
    • Allowing individuals to follow their own paths without imposed expectations
  • Project Management Expectations

    • The impact of past expectations on current projects
    • Contemplating the need to let go of the past
  • Addressing Personal Feelings

    • Recognizing feelings of guilt, shame, embarrassment, and perceived failure
    • Reflecting on how these feelings color our view of future outcomes
  • Introducing a Helpful Concept

    • Asking the pivotal question: “What must have to happen for me to achieve this outcome?”
    • Understanding that each person’s rules are unique, influenced by their past and present
  • Prospecting Example

    • Applying the concept to a prospecting scenario
    • Clarifying what satisfaction means in terms of response times
  • Client Case Study

    • A client’s stress over immediate callbacks and the perception of being taken seriously
    • The importance of flexible rules to avoid unnecessary stress
  • Balancing Emotional Attachment

    • Encouraging a balance between following up and emotional detachment from outcomes
    • Remaining proactive without being emotionally burdened by the results
  • Impact on Team Dynamics

    • The variance in attachment levels among team members
    • Adjusting rules to ensure adequate follow-up without stress
  • Conclusion: Reducing Stress and Desperation

    • Recognizing the negative energy of desperation and stress
    • Writing down and reflecting on the question of what must happen to achieve outcomes
  • Encouragement for Detachment

    • Encouraging listeners to adjust their expectations to achieve emotional detachment
    • Highlighting the benefits of lighter energy and space for more productive activities
  • Closing Remarks

    • Wishing listeners a productive day
    • Sign-off with the promise of future engagement

Join me in this enlightening episode of The Path Less Taken Show as I explore the vital concept of shedding the attachment to sales outcomes.

Discover the transformative power of letting go and allowing the sales pipeline to flow with greater ease and abundance. Through insightful anecdotes and practical tips, I uncovers the art of releasing control and embracing the natural flow of the sales process. Whether you’re a seasoned sales professional or just starting out, this episode offers invaluable wisdom to help you achieve greater success and fulfillment in your sales journey. Don’t miss out on this empowering discussion – tune in now!

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