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Ricoh Australia, a leader in workplace technology, has been enhancing work life with superior user experiences and robust digital solutions for years.

Following a prosperous 2022, the company doubled down on advancing sales leadership for sustained growth into 2024.

A key strategy was refining role clarity and accountability among leaders. Partnering with Bernadette McClelland and leveraging her Role Clarity program, Ricoh’s Senior Leadership honed in on their roles, activities, and metrics. The State Sales Leaders also needed to do the same, so this was accomplished by them engaging in workshops, personalised coaching, and in-depth analyses.

Key transformations included:
• Regional Sales Leaders gaining clear consensus on their roles.
• State Sales Leaders embracing accountability from forecasting to sales routines.
• Adapting to global marketing shifts within Ricoh at a local and regional level.

In summary, a successful Transformational Sales Leadership Program was rolled out nationally

“Bernadette’s work on role clarity with our senior management and national sales leaders at Ricoh has been nothing short of transformative. From the top down, she helped us redefine our roles and responsibilities, ensuring everyone was not only clear on their individual contributions but also how they fit into the larger picture. Her sessions with our sales leaders were particularly impactful, fostering a sense of unity and purpose across the board. The success we’ve seen in aligning our teams and boosting our sales strategy execution is a direct result of Bernadette’s expertise and approach. She’s been a pivotal figure in strengthening our leadership framework and driving our national team towards shared goals”

Tina Economou, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Ricoh Australia


The benefits may not have shown up as traditional profit and loss metrics, instead the benefits were seen as tangible behavioural shifts. 

Leadership efforts led to a plethora of overcoming challenges and hitting personal milestones, such as detoxifying team culture, allocating personal time to reduce stress, dedicating days to strategic team prospecting and increasing field support making salespeople feel more valued.

Leaders moved from managing to active leading, embracing change initiatives, improving communication with the Executive Leadership Team, and fostering collaboration especially in the PODs by coaching, rectifying behaviours, and enhancing teamwork.

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