The Sales Path Less Taken SHOW

In 2019 I walked the Camino de Santiago through Portugal and Spain – solo without my trusty laptop. That walk provided me a vehicle to reflect on all the areas of my life where I was taking the path of least resistance and not stepping up to embrace uncertainty, expand my potential and drive growth.

I believe that many sales professionals, sales leaders and business owners also tend to take the path of least resistance and deep down inside want to step up.  

The resources we need, we already have.  Except for a few tools we borrow along the way – whether they are new skills, new perspectives, new approaches or different questions.

This SHOW will share some of those tools – wisdom, learnings and experiences for even more ‘sales excellence’ across topics that include pipeline clarity, psychology, coaching skills, sales negotiations, strategy, metrics, outcomes,  brain based neuro-linguistics, story and more.

If you are not in a sales, sales leadership or business role yet you still have to sell ideas – don’t worry! The learnings will still apply, I am sure.

In Camino style, I hope you’ll join me on this path to sales excellence.
Cheers, B .

Like Steve Jobs said about his one innovative idea, “it all just works!”      Just like walking this path together.

Dive in! Subscribe! Have fun!’

The Sales Path Less Taken

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