The Path Less Taken SHOW

In 2019 I walked the Camino de Santiago through Portugal and Spain – solo, with no laptop or map and likened it to driving revenue through our sales pipeline.

The resources we need, we already have – save for a few tools we borrow along the way.

This SHOW will share some of my wisdom, learnings and experiences for even more ‘pipeline clarity’ with topics that include psychology, coaching skills, sales negotiations, strategy, metrics, outcomes,  brain based neuro-linguistics, story and a ton more.

If you are not in a sales, sales leadership or business role yet you still have to sell ideas – don’t worry! The learnings will still apply, I am sure.

In Camino style, I hope you’ll join me somewhere along the way and on the road less taken!
Cheers, B x

Whether you call it woo woo, wisdom or whimsical – it’s needed more today than ever before.

Like Steve Jobs said about his one innovative idea, “it all just works!”

And so does walking this path less taken.

Dive in! Subscribe! Have fun!’

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