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Nokia Corp (Nokia) is a communications and information technology company that operates in the areas of network infrastructure and advanced technologies. In 2020 Nokia made a decision to become a storytelling company in order to give them the edge in the very competitive telecommunications space.

As a result they approached Anecdote International, a leading corporate storytelling to help them. With the pandemic easing and a positive beta response to the rollout of the Story Powered Sales Program,  Anecodote Partner, Mike Adams,  approached Bernadette McClelland to work on the Nokia Global Account as a contract trainer/coach teaching storytelling.



All CTOs, Account Managers and leaders in the Mobile and Fixed Network would undergo Story Powered Sales, the results were increased confidence, less winging of sales calls, more structure to their sales conversations and increased trust from buyers in the market place.


I had the pleasure of meeting Bernadette during a workshop about 2 years ago, where she delivered the first Storytelling workshop for our company. I am delighted to provide this recommendation for her outstanding skills and qualities.

Bernadette’s ambition is truly commendable. Her dedication to her work is evident in the way she approaches training and coaching sessions.

I found her to be exceptionally motivated, always striving to bring out the best in her participants. An addition to her high level of competence, one of Bernadette’s standout qualities is her ability to be incredibly motivating. Her approach is not only refreshing but also highly effective. She creates an engaging and dynamic learning environment that makes the process enjoyable and impactful.

If you are seeking a Storytelling Trainer and Coach who is ambitious, motivating, and has a talent for simplifying the learning process, I wholeheartedly recommend Bernadette. She brings a wealth of knowledge and vibrant energy to her sessions, making them both educational and enjoyable.

Horst Gehrmann, Sales Capability Development Consultant at Nokia

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