Omni Group Packaging


The Omni Group is a family business and had not long gone through a rebranding process having been known as AAA Packaging since its inception.

Part of the company’s objective was to ensure that the sales team were able to encapsulate that shift through their business development efforts in an industry where it is extremely difficult to differentiate between one supplier of pallet wrapping and cardboard boxes and another.  

We engaged in a program where we rolled out role clarity to ensure everyone was on the same page and a robust pipeline strategy. 



A key part of the competency gap was that of lead generation and prospecting and articulating what made them unique and different in the packaging world. Based on feedback from other businesses in the community,  Bernadette McClelland from Sales Leaders Global P/L was hired.

A large part of Bernadette’s approach is practical and no-nonsense. This meant bringing real opportunities to the table and in real time, making appointments. The result was a 70% success rate in new opportunities from that process.

This success continued as shared by their Head of Sales.

“In working with 3 Red Folders, our outbound phone prospecting has definitely improved. Through their group training and coaching program centred around ‘prospecting’ we have been able to create a strong positioning statement for the salespeople, as well as gain clarity around our value proposition. 

This framework we have created removed the call reluctance previously experienced by the team, making each call relevant and personal to the recipient. 

Our narrative flows authentically and is still be used by the entire sales team two years later. The tools provided, such as a list of potential rejections and a method and response to handle those, has ensured, and continues to ensure, our appointment making is successful.

Dwayne Salisbury, Head of Sales, The Omni Group

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