How We Increased Our Clients Annual Revenue between 5 and 32% In Less Than 12 Months and How You Can Take Your Business Growth To The Next Level As Well:


Nokia Corp (Nokia) is a communications and information technology company that operates in the areas of network infrastructure and advanced technologies. In 2020 Nokia made a decision to become a storytelling company in order to give them the edge in the very competitive telecommunications space. As a result they approached Anecdote International, a leading corporate storytelling to help them. With the pandemic easing and a positive beta response to the rollout of the Story Powered Sales Program, Mike Adams, author of Seven Stories Every Salesperson Must Tell and Anecodote Partner approached Bernadette McClelland to work on the Nokia Global Account as a contract trainer/coach teaching storytelling.

All CTOs, Account Managers and leaders in the Mobile and Fixed Network would undergo Story Powered Sales, the results were increased confidence, less winging of sales calls, more structure to their sales conversations and increased trust from buyers in the market place.


“I had the pleasure of meeting Bernadette during a workshop about 2 years ago, where she delivered the first Storytelling workshop for our company. I am delighted to provide this recommendation for her outstanding skills and qualities.

Bernadette’s ambition is truly commendable. Her dedication to her work is evident in the way she approaches training and coaching sessions. I found her to be exceptionally motivated, always striving to bring out the best in her participants.

In addition to her high level of competence, one of Bernadette’s standout qualities is her ability to be incredibly motivating. Her approach is not only refreshing but also highly effective. She creates an engaging and dynamic learning environment that makes the process enjoyable and impactful.

If you are seeking a Storytelling Trainer and Coach who is ambitious, motivating, and has a talent for simplifying the learning process, I wholeheartedly recommend Bernadette. She brings a wealth of knowledge and vibrant energy to her sessions, making them both educational and enjoyable.”

Horst Gehrmann, Sales Capability Development Consultant at Nokia


Ricoh Australia, a leader in workplace technology, has been enhancing work life with superior user experiences and robust digital solutions for years.

Following a prosperous 2022, the company doubled down on advancing sales leadership for sustained growth into 2024.

A key strategy was refining role clarity and accountability among leaders. Partnering with Bernadette McClelland and leveraging her Role Clarity program, Ricoh’s Senior Leadership honed in on their roles, activities, and metrics. The State Sales Leaders also needed to do the same, so this was accomplished by them engaging in workshops, personalised coaching, and in-depth analyses.

Key transformations included:
• Regional Sales Leaders gaining clear consensus on their roles.
• State Sales Leaders embracing accountability from forecasting to sales routines.
• Adapting to global marketing shifts within Ricoh at a local and regional level.

In summary, a successful Transformational Sales Leadership Program was rolled out nationally.

When we started with Bernadette’s Role Clarity program, our leadership team at Ricoh was a newly formed leadership team, each with different ideas about our direction. Bernadette’s approach was a breath of fresh air. She didn’t just talk at us; she worked with us, challenged us, helping to bridge gaps and align our visions. By the end, it felt like we’d shifted from a group of individuals to a cohesive unit, all thanks to the clarity and unity Bernadette brought to the table. It’s been a turning point for our leadership and for Ricoh as a whole.”

Lisa Baldwin, Regional Sales Leader, Ricoh Australia

The benefits may not have shown up as traditional profit and loss metrics, instead the benefits were seen as tangible behavioural shifts. Leadership efforts led to a plethora of overcoming challenges and hitting personal milestones, such as detoxifying team culture, allocating personal time to reduce stress, dedicating days to strategic team prospecting and increasing field support making salespeople feel more valued. Leaders moved from managing to active leading, embracing change initiatives, improving communication with the Executive Leadership Team, and fostering collaboration especially in the PODs by coaching, rectifying behaviours, and enhancing teamwork.


The Association of Corporate Growth (ACG) helps investors, executives, lenders and advisers to grow middle-market company growth. 

The L20 (Leadership 20) development program is for emerging leaders within ACG Denver’s professional business community. With a cap of only 20 people selected each year, the calibre of application is high.

Searching for an equally high quality resource to serve the group is also a key component of the successful program.


In 2022, Dirk Dykson who heads up the L20 program met Bernadette and immediately saw she could contribute to the Leadership Program around the unique take on StorySelling – not just selling and not just story. 

With another successful year presenting The Dynamics of StorySelling, businesses are continuing their learning beyond the L20 program.


“The StorySelling Philosophy is a game-changer.

Bernadette’s unique approach to the dynamics of story helps sellers move away from awkward elevator pitches and features/benefits conversations, toward engaging stories that create immediate trust and connection.

As a facilitator and coach, Bernadette not only helps us tell better stories, but also helps draw out the best stories from our buyers with her easy-to-understand frameworks.

Sellers in any industry, vertical, or genre, will be better positioned to engage and coach their buyers through any commercial engagement rather than press for the hard sell.

If you are looking to elevate and deepen your sales conversation, Bernadette is the StorySelling expert you need!”

Dirk Dykson, Board Member | Leadership 20 (L20) Chairperson. ACG Denver




Wanting to expose the Sales and Operations leadership team to new and creative ways of continue their growth trajectory, the CEO of Crown Posture, Stav Bubunaras, realised the company needed an outside perspective to support and review the structure and culture at Crown.

To that point, she engaged Bernadette McClelland to work with the Director of Operations and Director of Sales and Marketing in addition to the Sales Manager.

Agreeing to a Role Clarity Workshop with the Executive Leadership Team, the gaps found then led to the need for Executive Coaching for both the Director of Operations and Director of Sales and Marketing.

Further more, this led to working with the sales team to strengthen their GTM approach.

Crown - Sales Leaders Global

With executive coaching, 360 degree feedbacks and new processes introduced,   results skyrocketed, especially through the Covid period.

With Crown demonstrating a strong growth pattern, the last thing the business wanted was to leave money on the table.

The sales team and management were now on the same page and Operations stepped up their processes  as well.  Identifying sales specific challenges and internal system challenges that impacted prospecting, cashflow and winning business was addressed and the bar was lifted.

“As Director of Sales and Marketing, I found clarity in my decision making and was better able to hone my skills and abilities. More importantly, I am able to back myself when it comes to executing our strategic vision.

To anyone considering working with Bernadette and may be hesitant – Dive in! It is an eye opener but don’t try unless you are willing to be open and honest with her. If you do, you’ll also get the results you seek. I’d highly recommend Bernadette for any sales team.  Helped open my eyes – many thanks B!”

Darren Paone, Director of Sales and Marketing, Crown Posture Bedding

Sales Leaders Global

Covid hit!

The Workwear Group were like any other business and needed to keep team morale high and still win business.

Remote selling was now ‘a thing’ and both leadership and salespeople alike needed to adjust to this new normal.

The SME/Online division of Corporate included teams from Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and West Australia and Sam Robinson, the Business was referred to speak with Bernadette to help with the adjustment.

The world of Zoom began!

On-Line Virtual Sales Training

Bernadette from Sales Leaders Global was engaged to facilitate a series of virtual instructor led training on ‘How to Sell Remotely When Nobody Wants To See You’.

This project was for 30 salespeople and sales leaders within the National SME/Online team at The Workwear Group.

“From my perspective as Business Manager, Bernadette added enormous value to the team in helping them sell remotely, with new business and numerous successful prospecting calls resulting.

Feedback from the leadership team was positive as she enabled discussions that had been difficult in gaining traction, without an external voice reinforcing those messages.

We welcome engaging Sales Leaders Global again to help build our sales efforts.”

Sam Robinson, Business Manager – SME/Online, Workwear Group

Sales Leaders Global

The next growth phase of this business included firming up their sales and marketing focus.

Not only did it include onboarding a new COO, but for the responsibility to include the  development of a GTM strategy.

Sam Rowse, the new COO, having worked with Bernadette in a previous role, reached out and they discussed and collaborated on a plan for Machship moving forward.


By workshopping and collaborating we built out a playbook that addressed strategies relating to sales enablement, message to market, hiring new talent and creating a robust and predictable sales process.

“Through Sales Leaders Global ‘Strategic Foundations Program’, I was able to develop a structured and scalable sales recipe that was specific for my business.

The benefits have been numerous and none more so, than the ease with which I can now train new salespeople, set expectations on performance goals and KPIs and then both support them, and hold them to account once they are up and running. 

This program provided the clarity and focus I needed as someone managing the revenue generation and sales function of the operation.”

Sam Rowse, Chief Operating Officer, Machship Freight Management

Sales Leaders Global

After a successful launch of a brand new, cutting edge online program for the Dangerous Goods Industry and realizing that the expectations for sales exceeded the reality, management at DG Trainer (Hazpak and parent company, Falcoln Engineering) realized they needed help to bridge the gap.

After hearing Bernadette McClelland present at the CEO Institute on ‘Business Growth Through Modern Day Sales Leadership’, speaking to her was a no brainer. What they didn’t want was a salesperson to front up and sell them. Instead they wanted someone to demonstrate a clear understanding of their issues, articulate it to them, document their challenges, create a plan and help implement it.

In doing that, Bernadette undertook win/loss reviews and voice of the customer surveys that helped articulate our real value to the market, she accompanied management on strategic visits to demonstrate exploration within a commercial conversation and the initial sales results showed, by default, a 100% increase in program enrolments, new conversations to have with potential companies and key, elevated relationships. In addition, the tools and approaches flowed over to the two other related businesses in the group – Hazpak and Falcoln Engineering. “Metrics were not our driving force. What was key to us was creating the baseline, delivering a customized tool set and having someone guide us toward executing on these tools. We have a high level of admiration and utter confidence in Bernadette’s partnering with us and continue to work with her” John Donkers Managing Director DG Trainer, Hazpak and Falcoln Engineering
Thermal Electrics

In a strong technical and engineering environment, the owners and management at Thermal Electrics realised that sales weren’t converting as often as they should be. 

As a result, they decided to introduce new systems and create a culture with modern day selling approaches to be cutting edge. Bernadette McClelland was asked to train the team in the psychology of the buyer and seller and coach the team to embed the learnings

Thermal Electrics
Since working with Bernadette Thermal Electrics have had a year of solid sales growth. Commercial conversations have improved plus sales conversions have increased considerably. Some staff who thought they had it nailed prior are now more open to new ways of doing business. Bernadette’s style and methodology was ‘invaluable to the company’ and her teachings have been incorporated into the company culture and still being used today ​“Bernadette did more than hand out a workbook and teach, she put people in the hot seat and engaged us all as she stepped through scenarios, ensured we enjoyed the role plays and facilitated through the use of group coaching and discussion. We have recommended Bernadette to the TEC circuit as she delivers brilliantly and practices what she preaches. Our most effective training yet!” Julie Jardine, Managing Director, Thermal Electrics

Rainbird Australia, a global leader in the manufacture of irrigation hardware and software and with a fairly new team, wanted to streamline their messaging and sales conversations in such a way that both the new hires and veterans continued to improve their revenue growth.

Approaching Sales Leaders Global they wanted a frame-work that was affordable, fresh and totally relevant to their sales environment and aligned to their strategic needs.

Both sides of the business – Golf and Councils – were brought together with the focus on accelerating the sale through a heightened sense of urgency, shortening time to market as well as positioning themselves as a respected industry resource within their respective fields.

“Even the old heads enjoyed the training saying it was one of the best they had attended, that it was beneficial and enlightening. Nobody said they ‘had heard it before’ or ‘it was a waste of time’.”

Socrates Cromdos, National Sales Manager, Rainbird Australia

A competitor was displaced from an account as a result of the qualification process adopted by one salesperson. Another salesperson turned his entire sales presentation inside out and immediately became a front runner for a large project.
Thermal Electrics

Tempur-Pedic ANZ wanted to shift the ethos of the sales organisation. With a sales team ranging from sales veterans to new hires, it was important the team was further developed to boost sales, gain further market share and accelerate client satisfaction and advocacy scores.

Sales Leaders Global

Kicking off the 12-month program with a tailored keynote presentation, Bernadette implemented a 90-day readiness assessment which measured consumer and store perspective providing a baseline for qualitative and quantitative measurements.

Her insights helped sales refine their messaging in order to improve their presentation skills and sales results. With a focus on being industry experts as opposed to salespeople, the team overachieved their revenue targets year on year and client advocacy scores were also ‘smashed’, according to Lawrence.

“Bernadette is different. She has become an extension of where we are leading the business and that, for us, is extremely exciting. Who else acts as a sounding board just because she cares? Bernadette does and that values alignment, coupled with her skill set and personal buy-in is what is making this arrangement so successful”

John Lawrence, National Sales Manager, TempurPedic ANZ

TRJ Engineering

TRJ Engineering realised times were changing and whilst they were already in a strong growth phase, they wanted to invest further in the sales function of their business.

This shift involved committing to three key components:
– building out a robust revenue generating and milestone based sales process
– recruiting and onboarding their first external salesperson and
– reviewing their initiatives around accountability, sales leadership and business development.

Six months after hiring their first salesperson, onboarding them and training them through our group coaching blended program, sales have increased. In addition, internal systems are now aligned to KPIs and KPAs (key performance activities) and role clarity around expectations means everybody is on the same page.


“Not only has Sales Leaders Global helped us focus on the sales function of our business, but our market penetration and revenue generation has increased enormously.”

David Murphy, Managing Director, TRJ Engineering Pty Ltd

Sales Leaders Global - TRJ Engineering
Agar Chemicals

Agar Cleaning Systems are respected business in the chemical and cleaning industries. To achieve their stretch target they needed to create stronger sales process and systems.

Industry changes with distributors and end users meant the sales culture that was heavily customer focussed needed to complement and add more sales centric skills.

Sales Leaders Global - Agar Team

Sales Leaders Global has worked with Agar Chemical Systems for a number of years now is in varying roles that include sales conference facilitator, national sales team coach, advisor on sales process and systems, recruitment and training. This has contributed to Agar overachieving their annual growth target of 10%.

“Our sales culture has been reinforced through accountability around the quality and quantity of activity, as well as outcomes. Together, we have brought direction, resolve and organisation to our sales management team and we believe our reps have benefitted from 3 Red Folder’s training and coaching and are better salespeople because of it”.

Steve Agar, CEO and Owner, Agar Cleaning Solutions



A leading private aged care provider, BlueCross has been providing a wide range of flexible and responsive aged care services across metropolitan and regional Victoria since 1993.

BlueCross identified that they needed to revisit their marketing and sales performance as a result of significant changes in the industry. Bernadette McClelland was identified as a specialist in this area.

The Executive wanted each of their teams – Residential Managers, Leisure and Lifestyle, Administration, Clinical Care, Care at Home and Client Services teams to be even more customer focused than they currently were so they undertook The Role Clarity Program before focussing on the remainder of the staff.

Their contribution to converting inquiries to new business was, and remains, vital. Having them know how to do this and where each of their roles fit into the sales process was key to moving forward.



BlueCross worked with Bernadette over a prolonged period of time to develop a training program for staff involved in this work across the whole organisation and through this development program has ensured that front line staff are now aware of the role requirement to engage with customers and potential customers more effectively. 

The BlueCross Sales Process has been redrafted and finalised and they continue to measure performance against their customer service requirements.


“We wanted someone who understood Aged Care and the drivers that motivate our customers as well as the challenges faced by staff. Significant professional experience and credibility was also required, and we saw that in Bernadette whilst we were in one of her audiences apart from the fact she had also worked in this industry with Arcare, another Aged Care facility, we trusted her. Her professionalism and her enthusiasm as well as her generosity of spirit has made a big difference in all our interactions”. 

Wendy Starkey, General Manager People and Culture, BlueCross Community and Residential Services

Bernadette McClelland - Sales Leaders Global

The Allcon Group is a family business with over 100 years’ collective experience in concrete construction equipment.

With second and third generation family members, passion is not lacking.

What was lacking was the ability to ‘consultatively’ sell in a heavily product based environment.


Managing Director, Bruce Weeks engaged Bernadette McClelland (as a result of her LinkedIn prospecting efforts) to work with the team over an extended period of nine months.

Over that timeframe, through workshops, coaching, role playing and the successful completion of ‘The Selling Game’, behavioural shifts were seen with the team moving from a very product focussed, brochure driven sales process to one where prospecting efforts and more importantly the ability to sell value in a price driven industry was based on the buyers expectations and journey.

‘The team were constantly engaged and two of the areas we saw the biggest shifts were in the crafting of our key message where we were able to connect more fully with the customer in the initial call and build the relationship to the point of increasing our sales as well as the ability to ask stronger questions to get our buyers perspectives’ 

Managing Director, Bruce Weeks, Allcon Group

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