Thermal Electrics


Vulcanic TEE Pty Ltd was created through the acquisition of Thermal Electric Elements by Vulcanic SAS.

In a strong technical and engineering environment, the owners and management at Thermal Electrics realised that sales weren’t converting as often as they should be.

As a result, they decided to introduce new systems and create a culture with modern day selling approaches to be cutting edge. Bernadette McClelland was asked to train the team in the psychology of the buyer and seller and coach the team to embed the learnings. 

Vulcanic Heating and Cooling


Since working with Bernadette Thermal Electrics have had a year of solid sales growth. 

Commercial conversations have improved plus sales conversions have increased considerably. 

Some staffwho thought they had it nailed prior are now more open to new ways of doing business. The consensus was that Bernadette’s style and methodology was ‘invaluable to the company’ and her teachings have been incorporated into the company culture and still being used today.

“Bernadette did more than hand out a workbook and teach, she put people in the hot seat and engaged us all as she stepped through scenarios, ensured we enjoyed the role plays and facilitated through the use of group coaching and discussion. We have recommended Bernadette to the TEC circuit as she delivers brilliantly and practices what she preaches. Our most effective training yet!”

Julie Jardine, Managing Director, Thermal Electrics.

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