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Established in 1990, the family owned manufacturing company, Crown Posture Bedding is one of Australia’s fastest growing bedding companies.

Wanting to expose the Sales and Operations leadership team to new and creative ways to continue their growth trajectory, the CEO of Crown Posture, Stav Bubunaras, realised the company needed an outside perspective to support and review the structure and culture at Crown.

To that point, she engaged Bernadette McClelland to work with the Director of Operations and Director of Sales and Marketing, in addition to the Sales Manager.

An initial Role Clarity Workshop with the Executive Leadership Team, highlighted a need for both the Director of Operations and Director of Sales and Marketing to engage in Executive Coaching and Mentorship.

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This led to working with the entire sales team to strengthen their GTM approach. With executive coaching, 360 degree feedbacks and new processes introduced, results skyrocketed, especially through the Covid period.

Because Crown Posture were demonstrating such a strong growth pattern, the last thing the business wanted was to leave money on the table.

The sales team and management were now on the same page and Operations stepped up their processes as well. 

Identifying sales specific challenges and internal system chokeholds that impacted prospecting, cashflow and winning business, ensured the bar was lifted, sales people were more confident, leadership had more awareness and sales increased.

“As Director of Sales and Marketing, I found clarity in my decision making and was better able to hone my skills and abilities. More importantly, I am able to back myself when it comes to executing our strategic vision.

To anyone considering working with Bernadette and may be hesitant – Dive in! It is an eye opener but don’t try unless you are willing to be open and honest with her. If you do, you’ll also get the results you seek. I’d highly recommend Bernadette for any sales team. Helped open my eyes – many thanks B!”

Darren Paone, Director of Sales and Marketing, Crown Posture Bedding




Tempur-Pedic ANZ wanted to shift the ethos of the sales organisation. With a sales team ranging from sales veterans to new hires, it was important the team was further developed to boost sales, gain further market share and accelerate client satisfaction and advocacy scores.
Sales Leaders Global

Kicking off the 12-month program with a tailored keynote presentation, Bernadette then implemented a 90-day Readiness Assessment. This involved measuring consumer and store perspective providing a baseline for qualitative and quantitative metrics to help us build trust with our stores and increase advocacy and sales.

Her insights helped the growing sales team refine their messaging in order to improve their presentation skills and sales results. With a focus on being perceived as industry experts as opposed to salespeople, the team overachieved their revenue targets year on year and client advocacy scores were also ‘smashed’, according to Lawrence. 

“Bernadette is different. She has become an extension of where we are leading the business and that, for us, is extremely exciting. Who else acts as a sounding board just because she cares? Bernadette does and that values alignment, coupled with her skill set and personal buy-in is what is making this arrangement so successful”

John Lawrence, National Sales Manager, TempurPedic ANZ

(Sales Leaders Global continues to be engaged by Tempur post Lawrence’s tenure.)

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