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MachShip is a proven freight management platform serving wholesalers, retailers, 3PLs & 4PLs and knew it was time for the next level of growth. This included firming up the sales and marketing function of the business.

Not only did they onboard a new COO, but the responsibility focussed on the development of a GTM strategy.

Sam Rowse, the new COO, having worked with Bernadette in a previous role, reached out and they discussed and collaborated on a plan for Machship moving forward.

Freight Management


By literally rolling up our sleeves, leveraging whiteboards and post it notes, we collaborating and built out a comprehensive playbook for the future of the function.

It addressed strategies relating to sales enablement, message to market, hiring new talent and creating a robust and predictable sales process. To complete the process we also drilled down and gained clarity around the competencies that were missing from a tactical to to market perspective. 

“Through Sales Leaders Global ‘Strategic Foundations Program’, I was able to develop a structured and scalable sales recipe that was specific for my business.

The benefits have been numerous and none more so, than the ease with which I can now train new salespeople, set expectations on performance goals and KPIs and then both support them, and hold them to account once they are up and running.

This program provided the clarity and focus I needed as someone managing the revenue generation and sales function of the operation.”

Sam Rowse, Chief Operating Officer, Machship Freight Management

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