Agar Chemicals


Agar Cleaning Systems, an Australian owned and operated company, manufactures high performance, commercial and industrial cleaning products that boost the productivity of cleaners all over Australia. To achieve their stretch target they needed to create stronger sales process and systems.

Changes from within the industry with distributors and end users meant the sales culture that was heavily customer focussed needed to strengthen relationships, yet add more sales centric skills

Sales Leaders Global - Agar Team


Sales Leaders Global has worked with Agar Chemical Systems for a number of years and across varying transformational engagements. 

Bernadette McClelland had spoken at their annual sales conference for two years, mentored Ryan, the sales co-ordinator for a number of years, trained the national sales team and advised leadership on sales process and systems, recruitment and training through her strategic foundations approach to pipeline, metrics and sales competencies.

This contributed to Agar overachieving their annual growth target of over 10%.

“Our sales culture has been reinforced through accountability around the quality and quantity of activity, as well as outcomes. 

Together, we have brought direction, resolve and organisation to our sales management team and we believe our reps have benefitted from the training and coaching from Sales Leaders Global and are better salespeople because of it”.

Steve Agar, CEO and Owner, Agar Cleaning Systems

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