Service Based Businesses


A leading private aged care provider, BlueCross has been providing a wide range of flexible and responsive aged care services across metropolitan and regional Victoria since 1993.

BlueCross identified that they needed to revisit their marketing and sales performance as a result of significant changes in the industry. Bernadette McClelland was identified as a specialist in this area.

The Executive wanted each of their teams – Residential Managers, Leisure and Lifestyle, Administration, Clinical Care, Care at Home and Client Services teams to be even more customer focused than they currently were so they undertook The Role Clarity Program before focussing on the remainder of the staff.

Their contribution to converting inquiries to new business was, and remains, vital. Having them know how to do this and where each of their roles fit into the sales process was key to moving forward.

Service Based Businesses


BlueCross worked with Bernadette over a prolonged period of time to develop a training program for staff involved in this work across the whole organisation and through this development program has ensured that front line staff are now aware of the role requirement to engage with customers and potential customers more effectively. 

The BlueCross Sales Process has been redrafted and finalised and they continue to measure performance against their customer service requirements.


“We wanted someone who understood Aged Care and the drivers that motivate our customers as well as the challenges faced by staff. Significant professional experience and credibility was also required, and we saw that in Bernadette whilst we were in one of her audiences apart from the fact she had also worked in this industry with Arcare, another Aged Care facility, we trusted her. Her professionalism and her enthusiasm as well as her generosity of spirit has made a big difference in all our interactions”. 

Wendy Starkey, General Manager People and Culture, BlueCross Community and Residential Services

Service Based Businesses


The Association of Corporate Growth (ACG) helps investors, executives, lenders and advisers to grow middle-market company growth. 

The L20 (Leadership 20) development program is for emerging leaders within ACG Denver’s professional business community. With a cap of only 20 people selected each year, the calibre of application is high.

Searching for an equally high quality resource to serve the group is also a key component of the successful program.

Service Based Businesses

In 2022, Dirk Dykson who heads up the L20 program met Bernadette and immediately saw she could contribute to the Leadership Program around the unique take on StorySelling – not just selling and not just story. 

With another successful year presenting The Dynamics of StorySelling, businesses are continuing their learning beyond the L20 program.


“The StorySelling Philosophy is a game-changer.

Bernadette’s unique approach to the dynamics of story helps sellers move away from awkward elevator pitches and features/benefits conversations, toward engaging stories that create immediate trust and connection.

As a facilitator and coach, Bernadette not only helps us tell better stories, but also helps draw out the best stories from our buyers with her easy-to-understand frameworks.

Sellers in any industry, vertical, or genre, will be better positioned to engage and coach their buyers through any commercial engagement rather than press for the hard sell.

If you are looking to elevate and deepen your sales conversation, Bernadette is the StorySelling expert you need!”

Dirk Dykson, Board Member | Leadership 20 (L20) Chairperson. ACG Denver


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