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TRJ Engineering Group is an awarded Melbourne steel fabricator, providing general engineering services to both small and large clients.

They realised times were changing and whilst they were already in a strong growth phase, they had always focussed on the operations function of the business. They realised they now needed to invest further in the sales function of their business.

By doubling down on the strategic foundations around their numbers, target market, positioning and building out a robust sales process with accountability, they began to see a shift.

This shift involved committing to three key components:
– building out a robust revenue generating and milestone based sales process that was predictable for forecasting purposes.
– recruiting and onboarding their first external salesperson and
– reviewing their initiatives around accountability, sales leadership and business development.

Six months after hiring their first salesperson, onboarding them and training them through our group coaching blended program, sales increased.

In addition, internal systems are now aligned to KPIs and KPAs (key performance activities) and role clarity around expectations means everybody is on the same page.


Not only has Sales Leaders Global helped us focus on the sales function of our business through their Pipeline Clarity and Role Clarity engagement, but our market penetration and revenue generation has increased enormously.

David Murphy, Managing Director, TRJ Engineering Pty Ltd 

Sales Leaders Global - TRJ Engineering
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