We need to ‘listen’ more and talk less – especially with our customers

The number #1 problem most salespeople have is getting their message to market aligned to the needs of the existing customer and potential customers.

And there is only one way to do that:

Knowing the current customer’s expectations and understanding of business value received.

The VOICE OF THE CUSTOMER process goes straight to the heart of the matter.

The Garter Group states 89% of companies expect to compete mainly on customer experience (CX) today. That means your differentiation could be as simple as understanding what your customers expectations of you are today and into the future based on the business value they have received.
  • Identify your customer
  • Get clear on what you want to know as an outcome
  • Get clear on the vehicle to use – Survey, NPS or 3rd party one on one conversation (most effective)
  • Make contact with the key person
  • Have an open conversation and gain clarity on what they want to know as well as what you need to ask
  • Take the knowledge, value received and expectations and use for marketing copy or assumptive statements and/or qualification questions in the Psychology of Buying workshop
  • Follow up
  • Test and measure

We have to be careful with surveys as their value is diminishing.

We also have to be mindful that many NPS approaches are going to the wrong people with questions being asked that aren’t as powerful or targeted as they can be.

A targeted and specific phone conversation with the right person, at the right time, with the right preparation and intent and with a third party will always generate objective responses that are ‘gold’ from which actions can be generated, messages become relevant and more business won.

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What are your customers and clients really saying, that if you knew, would guarantee a more relevant and clearer message to market for you and for them?