Sales Leadership Breakfast Series 2017

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JUNE 16th 2017


Procurement is not just a supply chain function or costing process. It is a strategic part of any business and to think like a strategic partner instead of a supplier requires a shift in mindset and skill-set from price to value, monologues to dialogues, products to solutions and inputs and outputs. If the following defining moments in the sales profession are any indication, then we need new ideas.

1. Over 50% of sales people (63% according to the Harvard Business Review) are no longer reaching their targets and

2. Competition is at an all time high through specialisation, globalisation, commoditisation and soon to be AI.

  • What do you do when your market begins to shrink yet budgets increase?
  • What do you do when there are multiple decision makers involved in one deal?
  • What do you do when you are so overwhelmed with information and choices you no longer know what to present to a buyer?

Learn the three key areas that research, science and biology will help you be more more agile with sales conversations, more inspired and inspiring as a sales leader by reputation, if not title, and more collaborative in your negotiations with current and future buyers.

Bernadette McClelland, CEO of Sales Leaders Global P/L is a veteran enterprise sales executive, SMB owner, award winning speaker and writer, international sales speaker and respected authority on B2B sales behaviour, key performing activities and commercial conversations. Global partner of the About My Brain Institute, she democratises sales leadership and neuroscience for high performers.

JUNE 16th 2017


Sales is one of the most basic and fundamental functions in business, and so is purchasing, buying and procurement.

Imagine if you, as a sales professional, could see yourself aligned even more to your clients purchasing department – what difference would that approach make in your conversations? 

Can you image an environment where ROI (Return on Investment) was impacted through ROR (Return on Relationship)?  

It used to be ‘let the buyer beware’ and today the mantra has switched to be ‘let the seller beware’.

This breakfast will help you identify and discover how, and why, a shared vision and the right conversations are the key to profitability, as well as help you gain deeper insights into how selling and purchasing roles can successfully overlap and benefit everyone.


Matt’s practitioner experience includes senior procurement roles with National Australia Bank and Toll Group, both of which involved leading cross-functional strategic procurement and supplier development initiatives across diverse stakeholder groups. As a Principal Consultant and Head of Roundtables at The Faculty, Matt and his team were responsible for delivering Australia’s largest and most highly regarded leadership development program for Chief Procurement Officers and developing procurement leaders.Matt also contributed to The Faculty’s research report co-authored with Social Traders, “Corporate Social Procurement in Australia” and led the Corporate Board for Social Procurement as part of The Roundtable.

Matt Perfect

Strengthen your competitive edge – in person – with hand picked sales experts from across the globe, whilst contributing to a not for profit.

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Sales Leadership Breakfast Series 2017


Running Melbourne’s most sought after breakfast series for the sales profession, initiating an emerging sales leadership award,  supporting a not for profit, and providing you with a competitive edge are all iterations for success.


This series of breakfasts is UNIQUE and for 3 IMPACTFUL reasons!


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1. Shift Your Thinking Around Modern Day Sales Execution and Leadership

NEW conversations, INNOVATIVE ideas and EDGY ways of doing business by partnering with success driven international speakers and respected industry resources who share the same vision as you – growing your sales!

2. Support An Emerging Sales Leader In An Unprecedented Way

Sales Leaders Global will award a 2017 ‘Sales Leaders Mentoring Program’ (valued at $4950) to an emerging sales leader deemed eligible, so throw your hat in the ring!

3. Champion A Cause With 100% Of Profits Directly Supporting RUOK?

Just as a meaningful conversation can impact a business, a meaningful conversation can also impact a life. We are driven by the fact that ALL profits will go to support the RUOK?Day Campaign.

In a VUCA world (one that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous)  many salespeople, business owners and leaders are finding themselves professionally, financially and emotionally vulnerable. The perfect formula to catapult results forward is to continue to iterate by building on different industry conversations, results orientated ideas and hearing new ways to do business to achieve stronger results whilst lessening the stress.

Why register?

  • Be inspired to become more innovative and successful through exposure to leading edge ideas and success stories
  • Listen to respected industry presenters and inspiring keynote speakers from Australia and overseas who continually contribute to the sales profession
  • Engage and connect with leaders who think like you
  • Contribute to the Australian RUOK? Day campaign
  • Get, keep and grow more profitable and meaningful business opportunities

The Finer Details

  • Investment
    • Individual Cost For One Seat: $69.00 per person
    • To Book A Table of Six: $360.00
    • Pre-Pay A Package of FIVE breakfasts and PAY ONLY $300 (book that here)
  • Time: 7.30 – 9.00am
  • Place: Amora Hotel Riverwalk, 649 Bridge Road, Richmond 3121, Melbourne
  • Dates: See Individual Speakers Page or Register for Regular Updates

Meet Our Speakers For 2017:


AUGUST 18TH 2017


Imagine if you could remove the guesswork from your sales process. Imagine if you could extract honest and actionable feedback from the one source of truth that matters most, your customers or prospects. Increasing win rates, reducing length of sales cycles, having more clarity around your bid or proposal; these are all necessary insights salespeople need today in order to provide tangible benefits the buyer is really looking for.

Cian McLoughlin is the author of the Amazon #1 bestseller ‘Rebirth of the Salesman’, a regular sales and marketing commentator in the mainstream media, and his blog was voted as one of the Top 50 Sales Blogs globally in 2015 and 2016.

Sales Leaders Global is proud to have Cian as one of our exclusive keynote speakers. You will walk away with more clarity and conviction around implementing a Win Loss Analysis program within your sales business and receive reliable, actionable and unbiased feedback

Cian is a master sales trainer, specialising in business-to-business. He is leading the way in a world where most industries need to completely rethink their sales strategy and their overall approach. Andrew Griffiths, International best-selling author and media commentator




The arrival of the Buyers Journey means that doing business in the 21st century requires a 21st century approach. Highly effective Sales and Marketing collaboration, or Smarketing® is that approach. Peter’s presentation will focus on defining a real world customer centric approach as opposed to a theoretical one. It will address the key concerns from buyers as well as provide executable and implementable insights through which increased and improved results will flow. We are excited that Peter can join us.
Peter Strohkorb is an international speaker and respected authority on what he refers to as  ‘Smarketing®’, being Sales and Marketing alignment and collaboration. His vision, as well as his clients vision, is a world where business teams collaborate seamlessly for the benefit of all stakeholders. He is a guest lecturer in the Executive MBA Program at the internationally acclaimed Sydney Business School and at the University of Wollongong, Australia as well as published author of the Amazon 5-Star rated book ‘The OneTEAM Method’.
As a chair and keynote speaker at Clariden’s Customer Experience Management conference Peter was highly engaging in sharing of his valuable insights with the audience. Further, Peter’s chairmanship allowed the delegates to gain a more personal connection with the speakers and kept them interactive throughout the day.
Theni Kuppusamy, Senior Manager Global Conferences, Clariden Global, Singapore

Peter Strohkorb


DECEMBER 1st 2017


There have always been many expectations and pressures on salespeople and sales managers and with less than 50% of budgets being met, and this holds true in 2017 more than ever. Silvia Damiano helps us look at our commercial leadership abilities through a new lens with ideas and tools grounded solidly in neuroscience. She will share ground breaking research and ideas to increase your results by understanding the relationship between a brain that functions at its best and high performance.

Silvia Damiano has a passionately held belief, that leaders in our 21st century global economy and their organisations must radically change long-held ideas of what constitutes effective leadership. Silvia Damiano is the creator, thought leader and master trainer of the i4 Neuroleader Model & 360˚ Feedback Assessment Tool, founding The About my Brain Institute with the purpose of democratising leadership & neuroscience. Silvia’s clients have described her as a passionate, dynamic, a highly experienced speaker and master facilitator on the topics of Emotional Intelligence, Neuroleadership & Engagement and we are super proud to share her with you at this breakfast.



Silvia is an exceptional speaker on leadership. She has presented for The Eventful Group on a number of occasions, always rating as one of our best speakers. Silvia’s inclusive and interactive style is refreshing and invigorating, whilst her content is a balance of science and inspiration that will appeal to everybody in the room. Sophie Sipsma, Senior Producer at The Eventful Group

WAS ON FEBRUARY 10TH 2017 – Fully Booked


The biggest sales challenges for sales leaders and their account-based sales teams is ensuring a consistent stream of qualified leads, getting meetings with decision makers, closing business and expanding within their named accounts. The 21st century modern buyer doesn’t respond to cold calls, cold emails or cold social media tactics. Discover how to get referral introductions to your key contacts with today’s super savvy buyers.

Joanne Black is America’s leading authority on referral selling and a respected speaker with contrarian points of view. An innovative sales advisor, Joanne is the author of NO MORE COLD CALLING The Breakthrough System That Will Leave Your Competition In The Dust and PICK UP THE DAMN PHONE – How People, Not Technology Seal The Deal. Sales Leaders Global is proud to have Joanne kick off our 2017 ITERATE! Sales Leadership Breakfast Series. You will walk away with a framework for getting your foot inside your buyers door!

We hired Joanne to teach us how to improve our lead generation activities for the ERP, CRM, and other business applications that we resell and develop internally. We’ve since increased our referral leads by about 20% and have measurable results totaling over $500,000 in new account revenue from referrals made last year. James Mallory, Director of Marketing, e2b teknologies, inc.

Joanne Black



B2B sales has not changed in over 130 years. Yet, many sales leaders seem unaware of the rapidly changing nature of buyer behaviour. Vendors are so focused on short term revenue results, and how they line up against their competitors, that they unwittingly fail the first major test of sales and business – understanding market trends, trigger events and customer buying cycles.

Graham Hawkins is the Founder and CEO of Transform Sales International, a specialist consulting firm that assists small, medium and large organisations with strategic sales planning, business development and sales force optimisation. He is the author of two books – SALES TRANSFORMATION and THE FUTURE OF THE SALES PROFESSION and is the founder of an exciting new venture (SalesTribe) that caters to the massive change we are now seeing in buyer behaviour. Sales Leaders Global is proud to have Graham join us for breakfast and share his thoughts around this topic many sales people, leaders and business owners would love to have inside knowledge on.

There is nothing in business today that is more important than addressing customer needs. Sales Transformation should be at the top of every CEO’s list. Andrew Humphries, Dealmaker – Global Entrepreneur Programme, UK Trade & Investment

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Make 2017 Your Most Successful Year in Sales, Yet!

Event MC

Matt McClelland

Account Executive – Upstream Solutions


Event Host

Bernadette McClelland

CEO – Sales Leaders Global P/L

Bernadette McClelland


Choose one speaker and one breakfast or book your seat at all six. Then again you may want to book your own table of six. The decision is yours and we would love to host you!
Sales Leaders Global is a sales enablement agency headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Their primary focus is to create cut through and growth with sales teams who are not making their numbers when they don’t know why, and to create differentiation from their competition when they don’t know how. Given that focusing on the art, science and psychology of modern day selling and buying creates double digit growth for all their clients, it makes sense that you have a conversation.
We are proud to have Salesforce sponsor ITERATE!2017 as our primary sponsor. Their industry-leading CRM platform has become the world's leading enterprise cloud ecosystem. Industries and companies of all sizes can connect to their customers in a whole new way using the latest innovations in mobile, social, and cloud technology to sell, service, market, and succeed like never before.
Super excited to have on board as sponsors, Mercedes-Benz Toorak who have been meeting their clients motoring needs since 1921. Rich in history and focused on providing the highest level of customer service, they are a boutique dealership located in the heart of Toorak village where you’ll find their dedicated New Car showroom showcasing the entire Mercedes-Benz range including the latest AMG performance vehicles.
The Amora Group owns and operates a range of high quality hotel properties in Australia, New Zealand and Thailand, with a focus on Business Class accommodation and superior service. The location of our properties is ideal for both business and leisure and we are proud to have Amora Riverwalk Richmond be one of our sponsors.
Our MC, Matt McClelland is a rising star within the Business Technology and Managed Services field. An account executive responsible for the sale, implementation and buyer experience of his clients document management and workflow automation, he represents Upstream Solutions and we are fortunate to have them support his time as MC for these breakfast events.
Bernadette McClelland is the CEO of Sales Leaders Global and is a well respected resource for the sales profession in Australia, as well as globally. A speaker in the USA, UK, Thailand, India, NZ and Australia as well as being a purpose driven, results oriented facilitator and sales mentor to sales teams and executives, her message is around the numerous Commercial Conversations in today’s VUCA environment. Having had extensive sales experience in the Business Technology space, owned a family run SME, been the APAC Sales and Business Coach across 12 countries for peak performance coach Anthony Robbins, written numerous books around B2B sales enablement and won a plethora of awards for her writing and speaking, she is more than thrilled to be spearheading Australia’s much needed ITERATE! Sales Leadership Breakfast Series.
We are privileged to be supported by The Main Event, a full-service Event and Project Management partner, located in the heart of Melbourne, Australia.Experts in all facets of Event & Project Management, from concept to completion and led by the wonderful Kim Mastrowicz, we know you will be in good hands at our ITERATE!2017 Sales Leadership Breakfast Series.
We are also proud to be supporting Australia's RUOK? Day Campaign. 100% of our profits from the entire ITERATE!2017 Sales Leaders Breakfast Series will be gifted to this wonderful organisation who are doing so much to take the global lead in suicide prevention. The simplicity and effectiveness of asking, “Are you okay?” is resonating with millions of Australians, keen to do more to look out for one another and support each other through life’s ups and downs. We would like our platform at Sales Leaders Global and ITERATE! 2017 to help spread that message further.
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