About the workshop – Role Clarity 

Half Day Face to Face Workshop

Before you answer the question ‘What is my job and what do I do?’, it’s imperative you ask a different question.

That question is, ‘Why does my role exist?’

When we begin our workshop with that question it shifts the focus to a higher purpose. It shifts the focus to be about other people, not just you. It creates an energy of growth and relevance.

As human beings, when we meet our needs for growth and contribution, we attain total fulfilment. Without clarity and purpose, we are left feeling empty after a while, our emotions spiral downward, we  are not engaged and from an activity and revenue generating perspective, business is impacted.

Harvard Business Review tell us 63% of salespeople are not achieving budget. Target setting is one avenue to review but so is engagement. On average, in the sales forces Gallup have studied, only 26% of the sales representatives were engaged in their jobs; 55% were not engaged; and another 19% were actively disengaged.

Role Clarity bridges that gap.

The Role Clarity Program is a way to maximise the resources you already have and provide impetus and momentum to help build innovative thinking and amplify performance. It is an attitude, a way of thinking and a process all packaged into one.

Once we complete Phase One and  Two, Phase Three sees us roll our sleeves up and dig into the doing where your outcomes and results will be so ‘on point’, you will minimise your distractions, eliminate any extraneous stress and ensure your time management and results are exactly where you want them to be.

In this VUCA economy, there is so much ambiguity surrounding what’s expected of us, having total clarity around our role and gaining agreement from all stakeholders is so important because if we don’t decide in advance what we are responsible for, other people will do it for us.


  1. Download the Sales Leadership Performance Audit below so that you have more clarity around where you are and where you need to be.
  2. Download the i4 Neuroleader Program Guide to assess and evaluate any feedback programs, online programs or face to face programs that will contribute to your role clarity.