Consultative Selling – Embedded Program

Gain insights into the Psychology Behind Buying and Selling

Regardless of whether you are in a mature sales role, a new recruit or someone from a non-traditional sales role having a commercial conversation based on research, science, your brain and your behaviour, you will win more business.

With optional pre-work based on the Voice of The Customer, we pivot off the buyers real needs and value they expect to receive, from which we craft our conversation and questions.

In this one day program we take you through the following key components:

  • Understand the different personalities at a deeper level than personality profiling offers
  • Identify the meta-programs that determine the way we all think and behave
  • Create the questions that identify the buyers emotional buying criteria as well as identify any challenges, trends or trigger events
  • Understand the way humans make decisions from both an emotional and rational perspective
  • Discover the beliefs the majority of salespeople have around money that prevents them asking for business, negotiating or holding margin
  • Provide the seamless and logical process to move to the next step in the commitment phase with buy-in and partnership from the prospect

In today’s VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) economy, we must still remember it is business as usual, no matter how difficult times are. The sooner you can get the edge on how to:

  • lead the sales conversation
  • ask the right questions
  • build relationships with authentic trust
  • ask for the next logical step in your process

then the more relevant you are and the more respected your role.

Join us as we share the latest insights from the fields of leadership, psychology and neuroscience whilst unpacking the modern day sales conversation our buyers expect us to be having as sales leaders.

Two Suggestions:

  1. Download your own Sales Performance Health Check below and assess where you are and where you need to be.
  2. Download the i4 NeuroLeader White Paper (100 pages) below which is rich in nuggets on how to develop a creative, insightful and high performance sales leadership approach.