Our Cutting Edge 360° Feedback Tool is Based on Real Research and Integrates Brain Science and Leadership

The i4 Neuroleader Assessments are based on many years of research undertaken by Silvia Damiano from About My Brain Institute, the creator of the i4 Model & Methodology. With the outcomes of their research, the interdisciplinary team has designed state-of-the-art tools that embrace the latest neuroscience discoveries applied to the field of leadership development and behavioural change.

Today’s VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) environment calls for a different mindset and skillset from yesteryear – especially in the field of selling.

It calls for sellers and managers to be leaders. It calls for sellers to generate revenue in an ethical and generous manner. It calls for people to want to learn more about how they can shift the way they think about themselves.

It calls for an environment where personalities and processes merge, where systems and stories collide and where money and meaning co-exist. It calls for a radically different approach that amplifies Performance, Agility, Collaboration and Innovation that transforms the seller of old to the respected resource of the future.

i4-neuroleader-devicesSales Leaders Global has partnered with the About My Brain Institute in order for you to tap into the four keys to becoming an integrated leaders. Aligning this with our ‘Neuro-Sales Leadership Model will ensure you show up as the sales leader your clients, peers and suppliers expect you to be.

Feedback is critical to creating a baseline for growth, especially when it comes to business today, and unpacking your results is as simple as downloading them and walking through them with our team who are accredited practitioners.

Take a look at our video and please use the contact form on this page to discover how this cutting edge i4 tool can help you and your team navigate this VUCA world we now find ourselves in so that you achieve the results that matter the most.

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