Sales Leaders Global Disrupts and Revolutionises Last Century Sales Training

Huthwaite might be known for SPIN sales training. CEB might be known for Challenger sales training. But Sales Leaders Global is known for NeuroSales training. We do this through the application of cutting edge tools and resources derived from the fields of Leadership, NeuroScience and Psychology and integrate with pipeline development and growth to give you realistic pipelines, higher engagement success, deeper questioning and more confident messaging, all the while driving double digit growth.

Whether it be ‘soft skill training’ such as rapport and communication for your non-sales people or ‘leadership skills’ to help your outbound salespeople negotiate and ask for the business with more conviction, our unique approach will add value to your existing sales process and amplify performance.


  • What do you do when the ‘carrot and the stick’ is no longer effective for salespeople?
  • What do you do when ‘command and control’ management is no longer effective from a sales leader?
  • What do you do when your market begins to shrink yet budgets increase?
  • What do you do when there are multiple decision makers involved in one deal?
  • What do you do when you are so overwhelmed with information and choices you no longer know what to do?
  • What is the one chokehold you have in your business, that by addressing it in a sustainable manner, will enable you to attract, engage and retain even more clients, creating a win for them and a win for you?

Once you have identified that gap, ask yourself, ‘is your challenge a process issue or is it a people issue’?

Sales Leaders Global recognises SMBs, major account sales teams and non traditional sales environments are all having to do more with less, cater to increased levels of stress, think differently, become more strategic and have executive presence, all whilst driving revenue and profits within tighter timeframes.

What worked yesterday, does not work today nor will it work tomorrow!

Introducing personal leadership as a baseline for commercial relationships, large and small,  will help you build a stronger system of value creation that is critical for business growth today –  it is missing in virtually all sales processes and is the most vital step!

Our offering at Sales Leaders Global is unique and unprecedented. We will expand your capacity to grow your sales, your team and your business – guaranteed!

Now YOU can benefit from the #1 most up-to-date and relevant approach designed for professional B2B sales environments, guaranteeing a radical spike in PROFIT and PURPOSE driven business growth

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